Monday, August 13, 2007

Convention Center Nostalgia

So I was at the Anaheim Convention Center (ACC) last Saturday for the World of Warcraft CCG Fires of Out Land Sneak Preview. (Yeah I have no life, but I still lucked my way into a playmat that's going straight to eBay.) I've attended other CCG related events there before and I always end up feeling odd.

I guess I just expect the convention center to be filled with people cosplaying. After attending Anime Expo (AX) so many times, I feel that the convention center is sorta like Disneyland. I only go there once a summer and when I do I expects crowds of people in various anime/manga related costumes. It's rather creepy being at the place when it's mainly empty and filled with "normal" people attending a trade seminar or whatnot. It's sorta like visiting your old school during summer or something. On the other hand, I had no problem figuring out parking and food though I packed my own lunch.

I feel the same way about the San Diego Convention Center. That place IS Comic Con. I've never been to the place when Comic Con isn't going on. San Diego to me is basically Masa, Comic Con, and where the original Game Empire is. I guess they filmed Veronica Mars there too.

After 4+ years or so of going to cons, these convention centers have become ingrained in my head as hosting these events. It's difficult for me to separate the convention centers from ther respective events. I definitely associate them more with events than locations. I expect cosplayers and crowds whenever I'm at them. It's definitely a form of nostalgia right?

And yes, I know Anime Expo has been held in Long Beach and other locations in the past. I missed out on this year's but I'm looking forward to next year's at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We'll see if I can make it, if only to break this location nostalgia.

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