Sunday, August 5, 2007

OC County Fair

(Yeah I know how it's the "OC Fair" but my friends and I always call it the "OC County Fair" because it sounds better to us. This phrasing makes it similar to the "LA County Fair".)

So yesterday I went to the OC County Fair with some friends. This was my first time going, but I've gone to the LA County Fair twice. The OC County Fair is exactly like the LA County Fair, just smaller, which I guess makes sense since Orange County is smaller as well.

There were all the usual assortment of fair things: rides, stage shows, animals, crafts, arts, ribbon winning food related items & collections, etc.

Of course the real attraction for a glutton like me is the hilariously unhealthy food. I love how just about everything can be deep fried or put on a stick, or better yet, BOTH!

I showed some restraint so I wouldn't pass out from my gorging but I still ate (and spent) quite a bit. The highlight had to be deep fried coke...which, like the Krispy Kreme Chicken sandwich, tastes just like you think it would. It's basically just batter that has coke syrup and is well, deep fried. It is ever so delicious, but they sorta skimped on the whip cream. I'm hoping that same stall is there at the LA County Fair so when I go I can get it again. Another highlight was this salt-water taffy I bought, but then again I haven't had salt water taffy in a long time so I think I would praise even a mediocre piece. I also enjoyed the "Australian Battered Potatoes"; I'm definitely going to convince people with me to get them when we go to the LA County Fair. They have a texture between that of a deep fried potato chip and potato wedge.

Want to know what I didn't enjoy? Caramel Apples. I used to love these as a kid, but now the magic is gone. After consuming one, I'm just left a sticky mess and wondering if my fillings/teeth are going to be pulled out. It's totally a sad comment on how old I'm getting.

Despite my enormous stomach, I managed to miss out on quite a few things. I am looking forward to trying a Turkey Leg, Egg Roll on a stick, and maybe fried frog legs or a Texas donut at the LA County Fair.

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