Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My flight to Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) leaves tomorrow. I'm packing tonight.

I've got the packing before a convention down to a fine science, yet I always feel anxiety whenever I'm packing. I don't think I've ever forgotten anything important, but yet I always make a checklist and go through it multiple times before I leave. I guess I really do have Type A blood. (Maybe that Japanese belief that your blood type imparts personality traits is true?)

One thing that is coming in really handy are the small containers I bought on Sunday. They are super tech! I love organizing my belongings like this...I think the next time I go back to the container store I'll really load up and get even more small travel containers. With the TSA regulations being what they are, I need all the small containers I can get for my precious liquids.

I'm bringing my camera so hopefully I'll have some pictures if I remember to take them. I'm also bringing my DS and am looking forward to getting relieved of my two pins in no time.

Hopefully I can actually make the concert this year and see the Minibosses. I'm also hoping to hit up the Sam & Max panel (where they create an episode of the game in front of you!) as well as the Penny Arcade panels (always a blast). I may even work in King of Kong and/or getting drunk at/around Gameworks. I'm hoping for at least a 50% success rate in terms of what I actually achieve.

Good times indeed.

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