Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Why have I been lazy about blogging for the last week or so? I don't really have an excuse, but I'm just going to say it was because it was my birthday. It was also Talk Like a Pirate day as well, so my Wednesday was filled with rum and wenches and thus I had no time for blogging.

On Friday I went to the Magic Castle. Apparently one of my new friends is a magician and I didn't even know it. (Cue Final Countdown music.) Not only did I not know he was a magician, but I had no idea he was also a member of the Magic Castle. Apparently he goes there often enough that the women working coat check recognize him on sight. It was a lot of fun having him guide us around and tell us what to do. He was an awesome host and he even did a small performance for us. I must admit I really do enjoy magic and weirdly enough I don't particularly enjoy trying to figure out how it's done. I guess I'm a kid a heart when it comes to magic.

Saturday had me heading into downtown LA to watch a matinee show of Avenue Q. I'm not a a big fan of musicals but I throughly enjoyed Avenue Q, because it's written for 20-somethings like me. It's also ridiculously cynical and sarcastic so it clearly is my favorite musical production I've seen so far. To be fair though, the only other musical I've seen is Phantom of the Opera. This fact could change in the future. Maybe I'll watch Sweeny Todd if I like the film. I'd totally go watch My Fair Lady but I fear what other people might say if I actually go.

After Avenue Q we went to Fogo de Chao for a Brazilian meathouse buffet experience. I enjoyed it even if all the meat is pretty much flavored with just salt but I'm not sure if I would go back and pay the $55+ it is for dinner there. Of course, I don't eat beef so that might explain it. Their salad bar is pretty cool though and their plantains and fried polenta are great. Too bad that's all just filler.... Also apparently our payment came up $17 short which is pretty odd considering we counted the money several times before leaving. Bad beats indeed.

To cap off the night I got everyone to go see Resident Evil: Extinction. The less I say about this the better, but I will say it definitely follows the standard sequel rule of dilution. That is to say, they saved the worst for last. Fortunately for me, it was janky enough for me to be entertained.

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