Monday, September 3, 2007

Let's All Go To The Chiropractor

As I alluded to in my previous post, I've been visiting the chiropractor. It's been an educational experience to say the least. I've never been able to comprehend why some people are scared of visiting the dentist. The guy just works on your teeth. If he messes up the worse that can happen is you have a crappy smile and some pain. The stakes are much higher with a chiropractor. It seems to me if he makes a mistake during adjustment I could end up paralyzed at worse and in more pain at best. Fortunately, the chiropractor I saw was great. I'll admit I picked him because he was the one that was closest to work and accepted my insurance. I liked his emphasis on stretching and preventive measures instead of just painkillers and other drugs. I've never been injured like this before (since I'm the stereotypical stay indoors and get fat geek) so I've been learning a lot about what to do to avoid injuries as well as first aid measures when I do get injured. The guy I'm seeing is a wanna be anthropologist. I think he has a masters degree in it but he said he's told old to go for the PhD and a teaching position. It certainly makes for interesting conversation especially since I'm Asian. We talk a lot about China and the Eastern world and American culture. I think it's great because it takes my mind of the fact that he is going to be moving my body and producing scary sounding cracks. Seriously, the noise my body makes during some of the adjustments are totally the Foley sounds in games and movies/tv when someone snaps some poor sap's neck. It's freaky. Still, I enjoy the heat and massages as well as the adjustments. According to my co-workers I'm much improved but there are still issues. I can't really sleep for more than 6-7 hours although that could be a good thing. I also have to get up and move around as well as stretch out after I've been sitting for a while. I suppose this could be for life but I guess we'll see. I've been told it takes on average about 8 visits to "fix" a problem (if it every really is fixed) and I'm coming up on the halfway point. I certainly feel better, probably more than just 50% better. Here's hoping I can heal up. The chiropractor seems optimistic since I'm so young. On a complete side note, I found it extremely ironic that I injured myself during vacation travel rather than golf or on my way to work. (Have you seen the freeway entrances in Monterey Park?) The chiropractor said it's fairly common to get injured while traveling because one is doing things outside of their normal routine. Often times one is carrying luggage and hustling to get from place to place. I guess that makes some sense.

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