Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Getting to know your family and friends"

Normally I would never fill out one of these things as I pissed someone off in the past by forwarding them something like this. But since I've been lazy with the blog and I have nothing to hide, I figure here's a chance for some easy content! The best part is I can reply without breaking my rule of not forwarding stuff like this.


What is your occupation right now ?

"CX Web Programmer" @ Pitzer College...which generally means doing all sort of programming/IT related stuff.


What color are your socks right now?

White with gray logos (go go Costco)


What are you listening to right now?



What was the last thing that you ate?

Tiramisu from the dining hall...my homemade one was better so I guess I'm not terrible at following a recipe!


Can you drive a stick shift?

Only in video games


Last person you spoke to on the phone?

My manager, he was running an errand off site.


Do you like the person who sent this to you?



How old are you today?



What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?

BLOODSPORT (Yeah I don't watch sports on TV really)


What is your favorite drink?

Black coffee, ice water


Have you ever dyed your hair



Favorite food?

Anything unhealthy for you


What is the last movie you watched?

Quantum of Solace


Favorite day of the year?

Thanksgiving - The least commercial of all the major holidays, and it's something everone can get behind.


How do you vent anger?

Hit something, I dunno, been a while since I've been angry


What was your favorite toy as a child?



What is your favorite season?



Cherries or Blueberries?

Cherries if artificial, blueberries if fresh.


Do you want your friends to e-mail you back?

Nope, which is why I'm filling this out on my blog.


Who is the most likely to respond?



Who is least likely to respond?

Everyone - and I want it that way


Living arrangements?

Sharing a place with my sister but right now it's just me


When was the last time you cried?

Can't remember...probably after I read that Korean Animal Crossing comic


What is on the floor of your closet?

Clear plastic containers filled with junk. No joke.


Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending to?



What did you do last night

Packed for my flight home for Thanksgiving


What are you most afraid about?

The Uknown


Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers?

I don't eat beef.


favorite dog breed?



favorite day of the week?



How many states have you lived in?

1 (I've lived in other countries for the summer.)


Diamonds or pearls?

I can't afford the type of woman would want either...but I choose diamonds. They are a perfect representation of how insane humanity due to their artificial scarcity and ethical issues.


What is your favorite flower?

Fake ones - I have allergies.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Reviews of Everything!

A friend of mine has started a blog to review random things. A bunch of us are contributing, it should be interesting. I hope to have some reviews up there while I figure out what I want to blog about here (if anything).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day '08

It's election day. Go vote...unless you want my vote to count more!

Freebies today include:

I'll be mediocreblogging with the rest of the Medicore Minds staff here

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekend Update 8/22/08 - 08/24/08


I spent the evening at the Alhambra driving range. I really sucked it up. Who would have thought that not swinging a golf club for a couple of months would make you suck? What a twist indeed.


I started off the day with a round at Azusa Greens Country Club. I shot 110 which is really terrible for me but I guess I should be happy since I hadn't played in months.

The evening saw me eating dinner at Shakas. (Cuban Bistro was super busy and packed so we didn't have enough time to eat there...but I made a note for next time.) I've eaten at Shakas before so I knew what to expect. It was also super busy, Methinks I need to avoid downtown Alhambra while the Summer Jubilee is still going on.

After dinner I saw Pineapple Express. This move is hilarious even if you are not stoned. I enjoyed all the 80s injokes and how the last 20 minutes is basically every 80s action film ever distilled into 2-3 sequences.

The night wrapped up with my friends and me watching Team USA win the gold medal against Spain. My favorite part was when Kobe taunted all the opposing fans after a 3 pointer where he was fouled. He made the "quiet" gesture with his finger in front of his mouth. He would go on to make it a 4 point play. So much dickery.


I got in a much needed lesson at GolfTec. Masa came by and we played SoulCalibur IV a bit. We then ate out at a Mama's Lu, which is a dumpling place. It was decent and I'd probably go back to try different dumplings. I will say it was definitely cheap.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend Update 08/15/2008 - 08/17/2008


I spent the evening preparing for the garage sale on Saturday. It took longer than expected and I ended up eating dinner at Ohana Hawaiian BBQ...yes I went back on my promise. It was 9:50 PM and I was desperate.


This was the day of the big collective yard sale I had with some of my friends. I did not sell that many items but I made $29. That tied me for the least amount of $$$ made on this, but it's not a big deal. Interestingly enough, the person that sold the most items did NOT make the most money as someone sold a golf set for $25. The maximum money received by one individual was $60.75 and all together we cleared $225 in sales. That's a lot more than I thought we'd do.

I learned that a table at Frank and Sons is only $50 or so and that I should be selling my stuff there as all the stuff I want to get rid off is technically "collectible". It also fulfills a part of my "Geek Bucket List" to become a vendor. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am excited. (Clearly I live a sad, sad life!)

I spent the evening eating dinner at Tofu House. I've always wanted to eat here just because it's close by. I honestly can't tell the difference between a good Korean tofu place and a poor one, but this one seemed ok to me. The dishes they brought out at the beginning were a bit weird; they had the standard stuff like kimchi, fish, and pickled vegetables but they also had broccoli and seaweed. Additionally there was free desert from a soft serve ice cream machine. (?!) I ended up REALLY full after my dinner here proving once again that I am a glutton.

I caught an evening showing of The Clone Wars after dinner. The film was throughly mediocre. It really was watching a tv-pilot in a movie theater. The animation was jerky for the humans but good for everything else. The dialog was honestly terrible, but for Star Wars it was quite good. It was certainly no Attack of the Clones. The film is also aimed at kids, so be prepared for some cute humorous scenes between newcomer Ahsoka and Anakin.

I'm definitely a fan of Ahsoka though; the Star Wars universe definitely needs a scrappy rookie character. I'm also glad we have a non-evil female lightsaber user though Ahsoka is the same race as Shaak-Ti. I guess everyone loves female Togrutas.

Also I think this film is worth watching because of Ziro the Hutt. He is everything Jar Jar should have been. That's all I'm going to say about that, but he really is super awesome.


This was a pretty lazy day. I played Altei and SoulCalibur IV. I also got in a lesson at GolfTec. I cooked dinner and ate at home.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I am alive. I have internet. I just am trying to unpack before I get distracted by things like this blog, Alteil, and Soulcalibur IV.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On Hiatus

Yeah, moving is just about as much of a beating as I remember it.

I'll update this blog post Comic Con / post move.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Anime Expo Part 4: Sunday July 6th


Sunday morning was spent wandering the Artists Alley. I did not buy anything (go go saving) but my companions did. I definitely enjoyed browsing all the artwork though. That's always great. It's great to see Ace Attorney / Gyakuten Saiban being represented in fanart!

I spent the closing hours of the con wandering the exhibit hall but not really buying anything. I'm pretty impressed with my newfound ability to not buy things. One can only hope I do as well during Comic Con.

After the con I had dinner at Tamaya, it's the new ramen place on Main / Las Tunas in Alhambra. I like the variety of dishes, but my ramen was a bit too salty. Still, I get a bit tired of Shinsengumi because you can only get 1 type of broth where at Tamaya you can get 1 of 3 and they have other dishes too.

My group managed to catch a showing of Hancock before calling it a night. I am a huge fan of Will Smith. I've seen him almost all his films including the likes of Wild Wild West. Hancock was throughly mediocre. The first half of this movie is awesome because it's Will Smith performing SuperDickery. The second half...not so much. I didn't like or buy the twist in the 2nd half of the film. Still the acting was good enough. I enjoyed seeing Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman reunited again after their Arrested Development arc.

All in all, I totally enjoyed the first Anime Expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Hopefully next year's will be just as awesome!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anime Expo Part 3: Saturday July 5th

(I've replaced my normal weekend update with this report on Anime Expo. It's broken into four parts because of its length.)


Saturday morning was spent in line trying to get David Hayter's autograph. It would have ended in disappointment but David Hayter decided to stay 1/2 an hour later so I barely got my autograph. Total time? 2.5 hours, I got to him at like 12:20. Too close! But I do have my MGS3 instruction book signed by Kojima AND David Hayter. Clearly one of my best pieces of fanboy created merchandise yet!

I spent a good time during all 4 days playing BlazBlue, the new fighting game by the team that brought us Guilty Gear. On Saturday I spent like 3+ hours in the console room trying this out. The similarities to Guilty Gear are many, and a comparison between the two is not out of the question despite BlazBlue having 1 less button than Guilty Gear. Faultless Defense, Recovery, Burst, and Roman Cancelling appear to be back, though they have slightly different names and activations due to the change in controls. The characters themselves borrow heavily from GG, with Iron Tegar having Potemkin's throw animations and Ragna the Bloodedge looking like Sol Badguy. It would appear Jin has Johnny's Mist Viper slashes.

I had dinner at The Pantry (yeah it's within easy walking distance)...this time around I had breakfast so things went a lot better. I guess it's hard to mess up eggs and bacon.

The main event for Saturday was Masquerade. First off, the Masquerade actually started on time! (With this and the AMVs starting on time, this was truly a broken AX!) Secondly, it finished well within the allotted time probably because there weren't as many entries this year (or maybe it was capped?).

I enjoyed most of the skits, though there were some lame ones. I think part of the problem is that the participants did not know how to cut their skits down to 2 minutes without losing coherence. (Oh fanboys/fangirls...) I particularly enjoyed the Kenshiro cosplayer. Yeah, his costume was low rent but he put so much guts into his performance! He inspired me with his obviously amateurish martial arts....and he totally won a prize for his performance.

Other good performances and costumes included various Naruto and One Piece sketches (of course) and not one but TWO Odin Sphere skits. I liked how the Mercedes decided to juggle. Classy! There was also some hilariously bad puns told by a Ryu Hayabusa. (What is Spike's favorite brand of paper towels? BOUNTY!)

By far the highlight was seeing the Orange County Anime Meetup group take the stage for a Smash Brothers skit. Oh, and they won BEST IN SHOW (as they should have)! Clearly I can never cosplay again around my friends in this group since they are on a completely different level from me.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Anime Expo Part 2: Friday July 4th

(I've replaced my normal weekend update with this report on Anime Expo. It's broken into four parts because of its length.)


Friday was a nice and relaxed day. I got up early to get in line for David Hayter's panel. It was hilarious and worth the time. He talked a bit about his various voice acting roles through mainly it was a Metal Gear Solid panel. I liked his comment about how in his youth he wanted to be an A-list movie star but as he's grown older he's now content to be a screenwriter and voice actor.

The panel was followed by me lining up for 2 hours to try and get David Hayter's autograph. I didn't make it. (Apparently David Hayter is super popular, who knew?) Thought I got pwn3d, I did manage to take a picture with him. He was nice/kind enough to walk down the line and shake everyone's hand and pose for pictures. I appreciated that.

I spent the next few hours wandering around and spending more time on the exhibit hall floor. I enjoyed playing the Soul Calibur IV demo at BandaiNamco's booth even if there were only 3 playable characters (Mitsurugi, Siegfried, and Hilde).

I finally got to work a shift at the booth that hires con attendees to work retail for $10/hour in credit. I've never worked retail before in my life (spoiled I know) and let me just say I'm fairly terrible at it. From restocking to figuring out what went where and doing basic arithmetic, I was totally mediocre as an employee. The experience was humbling but I totally built character. I ended up using my store credit to purchase Dan-Doh!! because I have a hunch that the series isn't going to be reprinted anytime soon and will be hard to find.

Friday evening saw us eating at Harbor Cafe, the cafe that replaced Regent Cafe. It's pretty much the same place but the menu isn't as extensive...but I think the quality of each individual dish has gone up.

After dinner my group saw WALL-E. This film RULES. It really is an awesome love story; the fact that the romance is between two robots is irrelevant. The movie had a great mix of emotion/drama and humor. I also liked the fact that it wasn't overly preachy. Pixar rules...I even liked the short before the film. So much magical dickery!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Anime Expo Part 1: Thursday July 3rd

(I've replaced my normal weekend update with this report on Anime Expo. It's broken into four parts because of its length.)


This was the first day of the con. I enjoyed the fact that the venue this year was the Los Angeles Convention Center. The place was definitely spacious enough to accommodate everyone and never felt crowded. I suppose one downside to this is that it seemed there weren't that many people cosplaying though that is probably not the case. It was just that attendees were more spread out. Also, ticketed seating made event seating easy; no more queuing for HOURS just to get a ticket!

After picking up my pass in a record 5 minutes, I spent some time in the exhibit hall wandering around but not buying anything. I found Alteil, which is an online CCG. It's definitely an interesting concept and the game is popular in Japan so who knows, maybe it can gain some traction here. The underlying system seems simple yet complex enough to be fun.

We had dinner at The Pantry and I made the mistake of not ordering breakfast yet again. (When will I ever learn?) The less said about this meal the better.

Thursday's main evening event was the Anime Music Video contest. The videos this year were a good mix, there wasn't too much Lucky Star or Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I enjoyed the Gurren Lagan video with Be a Man from Mulan even if it belonged in the comedy category rather than the action one.

You can view a list of the winners here. My votes matched up with all the winners save for the drama (I'm not a James Blunt fan) and comedy categories. I threw my vote away on a Gundam 0083 comedy video, but whatever I enjoyed it and felt it was original. I love it when people take a non-comedic series like Gundam 0083 or Berserk and turn it into a comedy video. Of course this Haruhi video won the comedy category as well as Best Of Show, which is par for the course. (I can think of only 1-2 times where the Best Of Show was NOT from the comedy category.)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekend Update 6/27/08 - 6/29/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


This was a fairly mild night. I finished watching Dexter Season 1 while doing my laundry. The series reminds me of a live action Death Note. There are a lot of similarities between Light and Dexter, and they both have ridiculously homo-erotic relationships with their rivals too. (Light has L and Dexter has the Ice Truck Killer). All in all I enjoyed this season and am looking forward to getting season 2 on DVD.


I played Azusa Greens Country Club in the afternoon. My front 9 was terrible but I made up for it on the back 9, almost breaking 50. My game was totally pw3nd by sand bunkers. Those things easily accounted for 5+ strokes. I will have to figure out how to deal with these obstacles someday....

I spent the evening eating dinner at Twohey's. It seems like I'm here quite often, probably because it's close to where one of my friends lives. They also have something for everyone though I think I would rather go to an Asian cafe if we are going to "satisfy everyone" route.

I caught an evening showing of Wanted after dinner. The film was good but not great. However, it was much better than the comic, though this isn't a hard feat. The comic has such a terrible ending that any sort of mediocre ending (which the film has) would be better.


I looked at a bunch more apartments/condos/houses with my sister. Unfortunately we only found one really good place. We're applying for this place, hopefully we get it as I feel it has just about everything we're looking for. Admittedly the kitchen is not that big but I don't think that's a huge deal because neither of us are hardcore chefs. There are also parking issues but honestly neither of us have guests over that often.

I treated my sister and her boyfriend to lunch at JJ Cafe which was followed by some Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. It was fun role playing a bit even our party is teetering on the edge of collapse due to conflicting personalities and alignments. (All this despite no one being evil.)

I had dinner at Diner on Main. I enjoyed their turkey meatloaf and tapioca pudding. The pudding had way too much gelatin in it but for some reason I still enjoyed the texture. It was odd but delicious.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weekend Update 6/20/08 - 6/22/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


I caught an early evening showing of The Incredible Hulk. The film was quite mediocre but I enjoyed it more than the Ang Lee version. I'm not a huge fan of Edward Norton but I think he did a good job in this. I am a fan of Liv Tyler though so she was a nice addition. I particularly enjoyed all the comic book references. The fanboy in me totally loves how Marvel is making these films take place in the same universe; seeing Tony Stark make a cameo is AWESOME.

I had dinner at Subway (Eat Fresh!). Nothing exciting to say here except I got a combo meal and drank ORANGE BANG. So janktastic, yet so good! I went to bed early because I had to get up on Saturday.


I got up early for a 7:30 AM tee time at Whittier Narrows. It was an LA Golf Meetup group event. I had fun even though I sucked it up. The day started so well too, with a birdie and a par...and it went downhill from there.

I spent the evening having some people over to watch Fists of Righteous Harmony. (Dinner was pizza from Shakey's.) Yes, this is a truly janktastic film but my actor friend is in it. He's POINTMAN. How can you go wrong with that? A lot of fun was had making fun of his terrible Mandarin. I am looking forward to the (planned) sequel.


I drove out to Spoon House for lunch. I love this place, it's a Japanese-Italian diner/pasta bar. It's everything I look for in an establishment: non-pretentious with good food and quick service. Every time I go I always want to try a Western styled pasta but instead end up with an Eastern styled one. The next time I visit I'll get the natto pasta and gross my friends out.

I had lunch in Gardena because I had to be in Torrance at the Comic Cult for a Marvel Universe release event. I sucked it up. The less I say about this the better. I'm still trying to figure out the exact # of characters to play at each slot in a sealed deck. Every time I try for the "pro" curve I seemed to get destroyed 1-2 games because I miss my 5/6.

I had dinner at Shakas which was followed by some Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. I've never played 4e before. There's definitely a huge Japanese RPG and MMORPG influence at work here. It's streamlined and simplified, but I like that. The best parts of pen and paper RPGs for me is the actual roleplaying and character interaction as opposed to the combat and stats. I will say that 4e has made more interested in combat though. I also like how we have a couple of players who are new to the experience, it makes it a lot of fun.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekend Update 6/14/08 - 6/16/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


This was an interesting day. I played in a charity golf tournament at Upland Hills Country Club. I played pretty mediocrely but at least I did not embarrass myself. The tournament was best ball so my putting helped.

The tournament was expensive but I got a lot of interesting freebies including a golf multi-tool and some shirts. I also got some balls and coupons for local business. It was all to support the Rancho Cucamonga High School Football team so it was a good cause. I like how they threw in a buffet dinner.

The tournament started at like 1PM and I got home around 8 PM. I did my laundry and went to bed.


I had lunch at Langer's Deli. I enjoyed their cream soda and matzah ball soup.

Afterwards, I went to the ImaginAsian Theater to catch a screening of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I've been wanting to see this film for a while because it has time travel. I was not disappointed. The film was a typical sci-fi story but done in an interesting anime style. I think the film has a somewhat jank twist but it's to be expected in a time-travel story.

I went to dinner with my family who was in town for my sister's graduation. We went to Au Lac in Fountain Valley. It's a vegetarian restaurant. I enjoyed it but I always enjoy vegetarian food. I'm sure my sister wasn't as thrilled but whatever.


This was the big day for my sister. I attended her graduation at UCI. It was shorter than my UCLA graduation but then again there are fewer students for her school and department.

I had dinner at Happy Family in Rowland Heights. I always enjoy eating here because I like Asian vegetarian food. It might not be that healthy due to all the carbs/starch, but it's still delicious!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekend Update 6/6/08 - 6/8/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


I deviated from my normal AJAX studying to have dinner at Twohey's and go to Edgeworld for a Marvel Universe sealed event. It was super nerdy but I had fun even if I did get back home at 1 AM or so. Once again, I am amazed at how close the OC is when there's no traffic.


I got up late and ended up going into work just to use my workspace. I still couldn't debug my AJAX/PHP/MySQL error though. It was beatings. On the plus side, I was only minutes away from a co-worker's graduation and birthday party + BBQ. The chicken there was pretty good, and it was only marinated in oil + balsamic vinegar. I will have to try that sometime.

After dinner I made it back to the SGV and looked at some rooms for rent. I am tempted to upgrade my lifestyle and rent a master bedroom but I know I probably shouldn't. After all, I am currently doing fine with my current sized room (about 110 sq ft.) and sharing a bathroom. I should leave the upgrading for when I actually buy property (if that ever happens).

The night was capped by watching Adam Sandler's latest film, You Don't Mess With the Zohan. I wasn't going to see this film at first but then the latest trailer had Zohan's ridiculous Israeli commando moves and I was sold. The film turned out to be decent and quite entertaining; I can safely say that it had everything I wanted in a spoof/satire film about the Israeli-Palastinian conflict in the Middle East.


I started the day by doing my laundry. Then I went to Almansor's driving range. I really suck at hitting balls now, I'm not sure why, part of it might just be because it's been a while since I've played/practiced. I will have to bring my rampant slicing up at my next lesson.

I had dinner (take out) from Senor Fish and watched the Lakers' game at a friend's place. They were getting beat down so I left during the fourth quarter...big mistake. The Lakers proceeded to go on a crazy run and make the game a respectable loss rather than a beating. I guess I'll keep watching games until the end from now on.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weekend Update 5/30/08 - 6/01/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


This is not going to be a very exciting entry, as I spent the bulk of the weekend at JAM 2008, a conference for work that was held in Nashville, Tennessee. I actually flew out on Wednesday and I can assure you nothing exciting happened besides me leveling up at work.

The special event this year was dinner at the Wild Horse Saloon. I learned two important things here:
  1. The number of people who are curious and/or enjoy line dancing is staggering. (I believe most of these people were from non-West Coast states.)
  2. I LOVE fried pickles. Frying does indeed make everything better.

During the whole convention I played a lot of The World Ends With You before going to bed each night. This game is really addicting. I'm glad SquareEnix can make an original game for once.


The bulk of Saturday was spent at the conference and traveling home. I had lunch in Nashville at The Rainforest Cafe. This chain is only one step above Chuck E. Cheese.

The flight from Nashville to LAX was delayed but we made it up in the air. (My flight to Nashville was also delayed but recovered in the air.) I must say I'm quite impressed the airlines making up their delay while airborne.

When I got back to LA I wanted some ethnic food, so I hit up Versailles with my friends. I enjoyed it as always...I love their pork dishes and plantains.


This day was spent organizing and cataloging a lot of my belongings for sale on Craigslist. I'm moving in August so right now I am in the process of paring down all my possessions. Having to go through all my stuff has really made me think more about what I spent my money on and which items I keep/store. It's definitely an eye-opening experience that I recommend everyone do at least once a year (Spring Cleaning?) regardless of whether or not one is moving.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Update 5/23/08 - 5/26/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


More time with my AJAX book. I wrote a simple page that grabs data from a MySQL database and populates it to a field upon the user clicking. I found a weird error with this on FireFox. It works fine on IE and Opera. I spent the rest of the night trying to debug this. I'm still working on it.

I had dinner at Shinsengumi Ramen. This is a place that I always enjoy going to.

Once again, I managed to get in some The World Ends With You before going to bed. This game is really suited for playing a little bit each day. The designers were quite clever in how they implemented various systems to make the user want to play the game daily. Also, the music has totally grown on me and now I dig it.


Another weekend at Azusa Greens Country Club. The course was not that crowded because it rained early in the morning and people were scared off. Cool beans. I shot a 109 which is ok; my putting and driving was good, but I simply lost too many balls to bad drives. The front 9 was 51 whereas the back was 58. I played from the blue tees this time though.

I spent the evening at the driving range over Monterey Park Golf Course. I hadn't been to this place in a while. I've really been trying to improve my iron shots and I am beginning to some progress. My main issue is being able to hit a good iron shot after a good drive. If I can master this I can totally get on the green in two for courses like Azusa.

I had dinner at Ohana Hawaiian BBQ, the mochiko chicken was way too salty. I really just wanted some Spam musubi. Next time I will just stick to that...or go to Shakas which while mediocre is still better than this place.

Sunday The day started with a golf lesson at Golftec. Afterwards, I played a game at Monterey Park. I shot a 38, which is good for me. I've gotten a lot better since I last played this course.

I watched a few more episodes of Yama Onna Kabe Onna. Almost near the end and I have to laugh at some of the plot twists. This show is a weird mix of Japanese style humor and psuedo-legitimate drama.


I spent Memorial Day attending a BBQ and playing board games. There was some Rock Band in there as well. I had a good time and probably ate too much. I'm not sure how this honors our fallen soldiers but I suppose the BBQ is American.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekend Update 5/16/08 - 5/18/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


A throughly boring but necessary day. I spent the evening after work reading more of my AJAX book and then went home for dinner. I spent some time at Almansor...there was a disgusting number of bugs at the driving range. I had no idea it got like that at night. I think it's just like that at the beginning of summer, but I guess we'll see.

I managed to get in some The World Ends With You before going to bed.


I'm not going to lie, I stayed indoors for most of the day because it was hot outside and I felt lazy.

I watched a bunch of episodes of Yama Onna Kabe Onna. I'm going to finish this series just so I can say I watched a more female-appealing J-Drama. Yeah the whole emphasis on breast size is a gimmick/hook but hey, it works for me. (I guess that's all it takes to watch a more female targeted show...I bet Gossip Girl and other such shows use this strategy.) The show is janky but at the same level of a show like Sushi Oji and I watched all 8 episodes of that. (I'm looking forward to the movie.)

The evening saw me watching Raiders of the Lost Arc . (My plan is to watch all 3 of the films before Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comes out.) This movies rules and is by far my favorite Indiana Jones film. It has so many great lines and the best characters (Marion, Belloc) of the film franchise.

I had dinner at Kam Hong Garden, it wasn't bad. I always enjoy hand made noodles and they have different types, I'll have to come back here and try some more dishes.

The night ended with my friends and me going to the UCLA Recent Grad Party. I had fun and won a plastic water bottle. Some of us also went to karaoke at White Karaoke in K-town afterwards. It was noisy and I'm somewhat disturbed by the songs one of my friends apparently knows. O_o


The day started with a golf lesson at Golftec. Afterwards, I spent some more time at Almansor. I wish I could say I feel my confidence increasing with practice but I don't think it's happening.

I did some grocery shopping and made lunch (sandwiches) for the week. I watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom before going to bed. The film really is racist but I do love me some Short Round, too bad Willie is such a bitch. She really ruins this film.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weekend Upate: 5/09/08 - 5/11/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


This was a special weekend because I flew up to the Bay Area for Mother's Day.

I spent most of Friday with my Mom. I managed to get a haircut as well. I had lunch at Shivas which was an Indian buffet. I enjoyed it, but I honestly know nothing about Indian food so who knows if it's actually good or not. I do know I like Indian rice pudding more than any other type of rice pudding!

After eating dinner at home, I caught a screening of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. It was definitely not as entertaining as the first one, but it has Neil Patrick Harris in an expanded role which totally adds +1.0 to this film. I would give it a 7.0/10.

I also got to try out Froyo?, the new froyo place at Cupertino Square. It's pay by weight style which I'm a fan of. I would say the toppings are Yogomo quality while the actual yogurt is closer to Cefiore or Blue Cherry. It wasn't bad but not great either...but hey it's a start and they had lychee as a flavor and a topping! Interestingly enough, a Coldstone is coming soon to the same mall. Both of these dessert establishments are near the box office so there will be a frozen dessert war soon enough!


The day started with me driving everyone in the family to go see Iron Man. Yes, this film is so broken that I saw it a second time. Tony Stark is in the suit for probably like 25% of the film or less and yet the film is still awesome. Robert Downey Jr is a fan and it shows in his portrayal.

I had dinner as Cascal, which I enjoyed but once again it's an ethnic cuisine that I am not familiar with. I'm not really a big fan of saffron (which I guess is good considering how expensive it is), but the paella I had was palatable enough.

After dinner I managed to catch Speed Racer, which for a family film is quite decent. The janky CGI and unique look definitely work. There's also some cool shots that evoke a very animated sort of feel. I hate to admit it, but the Wachowskis are probably visionary directors. Also, Chim Chim alone gives this film +1.0. I would give the film a 7/10.


I took my Mom out to dim sum at Fook Yuen. It was super delicious, I like this place a lot. The wait is long but it's totally worth it. (It turns out you can call ahead for a number too.)

Afterwards we did some light shopping and then it was time to return home to get packed and prepare to leave.

My flight was delayed 1 hour. I spent the timing playing more of The World Ends With You. I think I have totally leveled far too much and not advanced the plot enough. This happens a lot with me and RPGs, especially when I enjoy the combat system.

I got home at like 1AM and promptly went to bed. (It's funny how quickly I can drive to/from the west side when there's no traffic.)


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekend Update: 5/02/08 - 05/04/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


I barely did anything this day beyond hitting the gym and doing my laundry.

However, I finally beat Mass Effect. I chose to be a total dick throughout the game and the ending was no different. It was awesome, I love how in this game you can be a dick and not just evil.


I played Azusa Greens Country Club in the morning. I shot a 105 which is ok; my putting was totally on (34 putts total) and my driving was good too (a couple 250 yard shots). The course isn't that difficult though because of the number of par 4 350yd holes...and I played from the white. So I guess it's time to play from the blue but I'd rather try and break 100 from the whites.

I had dinner at Yama, which was mediocre but I expected that. At least the service was good. After dinner I saw Iron Man. This film ROCKS! It's easily the best Marvel film and might be one of the best super hero films ever made. I only hope in the future there is a video game film on par with this one (Maybe the World of Warcraft or Metal Gear Solid films?).


I started the day at Twohey's with their Greek omelet. It was pretty good, though next time I think I will just get it without the feta cheese. (I'm not a big fan of cheese in general.) I managed to get some practice in at Almansor's driving range.

Once again I prepared my meals (lunch and dinner) for the week. I also played The World Ends With You. It's a crazy mashup of a game but I like it so far.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Since October of 2006, I've been participating in Fantasy Moguls. It's a site dedicated to playing a fantasy game based around movies, instead of sports. The rules of the game have changed quite a bit since I started playing, but it's always been a lot of fun to me. (I'm not sure why; it's probably because every round is an optimization problem with imperfect information.) It's actually pretty simple to play as well...it's not as complex as fantasy football/basketball/baseball.

There are basically two types of games: Box Office and Ultimate. In both of these you start with $100 million and each film costs some amount of money to buy. You can have up to 8 films on your slate. For Box Office Moguls, you are concerned with one thing: total box office revenue. For Ultimate, you are concerned with 4 categories: total box office revenue, per theater average, weeks in the top 5, and IMDB score. (The last criteria means if you field less than eight films you get a '0' for any empty slot on your slate.)

One of the running jokes about this game is how I've managed to finish 2nd 4-5 times in leagues with my friends. We have people who have finished 1st multiple times but I can't seem to close out.

Finally, that streak ends as yours truly won both full-year and half-year leagues for Round 2 of the Ultimate Super Leagues. What are the Super Leagues you ask? They are public leagues started by rabid fans / columnists of the site as a way to play the game against the maximum number of people. Each round sees the bottom 10/20% cut from the league whereas the top 5% win immunity from elimination for the next round. (It looks like this immunity will come in handy as I am not looking too great in Round 3.)

I should also mention that Ultimate is my game, if it wasn't obvious from nearly being eliminated from Round 2 of the full year Box Office league!

For those of you who are curious, here is my winning slate, I used the same one in both leagues:

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert TourJumperThe Bank JobDr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! Under the Same MoonDrillbit TaylorThe Flight of the Red BalloonThe Forbidden Kingdom

(Note that the poster for Under the Same Moon is incorrect.)

Here's an analysis of the slate:

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour($16) $65.22M 15 8 2.6
Jumper ($23) $79.17M 4 9 5.9
The Bank Job ($4) $29.21M 0 2 7.8
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! ($31) $144.42M 7 16 7.6
Under the Same Moon ($3) $11.19M 7 0 7.7
Drillbit Taylor ($12) $29.78M 0 3 6.1
The Flight of the Red Balloon ($4) $127K 8 0 7.2
Forbidden Kingdom ($7) $21.4M 4 5 7.7
TOTAL $380.51M 45 43 52.6

I feel the major tech pick of this slate was Hannah Montana. At $16, not everyone had it but I believed in the power of Miley Cyrus and Disney. Yes, the IMDB is terrible but the TBO and PTA points more than make up for it. I also have three cheap picks with good IMDB (and PTA) to balance things out. Jumper and Horton gave me the TBO and Top5 points I needed. Forbidden Kingdom was also a good pick and helped out by debuting at #1 in the relatively weak month of April. Drillbit Taylor is quite the dud, not even reaching its projections but at the $12 level I don't know if Run Fat Boy Run, Married Life, or two weeks of Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? would be worth it instead. Judging from the performances of all these films, I think Married Life would be better simply for the IMDB rating.

So now the question becomes, can I do it again? And can I win a league among my friends? I guess we'll see....

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Update: 4/25/08 - 4-28-08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


I stayed late at work (after hitting the gym) to study up on my AJAX book. I moved my computer and stuff around so I could utilize two monitors. (It's great, I highly recommend it.)

Afterwards I stopped by Gameology to add some UFS cards to my auction. I believe I had bids on every item save for the Spelljamer and UFS lots.

On my way home I stopped at Target for laundry detergent and Rick's for dinner.

It was definitely not the most exciting day, but I got through 1+ chapter in my AJAX book.


This was a day of menial tasks. I cleaned the bathroom and did my laundry. I also managed to advance the main plot in Mass Effect...and I got one of the infamous sex scenes. All I can say is: WEAK. Seriously, it was PG-13 teen movie level...is this really deserving of an 'M' rating? I guess it was for me, since my character is female and thus the resulting coupling was lesbian.

I managed to get some practice in at Almansor's driving range (I actually hit some good shots with my drive for once) and had dinner at Pho 79.

I went to bed early because I had to get up early for Sunday.


A bunch of us went to Los Robles Greens Golf Course in Thousand Oaks. It took about 45 minutes to get there. The course was all right, it was an easy course and I almost broke 100. (Most days I'm happy to break 120.) I ended up shooting 103 but there 4 penalty strokes. I guess if I hadn't lost my ball and hit a drive out of bounds....

Needless to say, I was super tired after playing (even though we rode) so the rest of the day was spent preparing dinner/lunch for the week (pasta and infi sandwiches).