Tuesday, April 1, 2008

15 More Seconds of Fame

Today is the day that justified my job at Pitzer College. Those of you (Sumir) who started reading with my first blog post are probably aware that I am an avid listener of the Kevin and Bean morning show on KROQ. I listen on my way to work and continue via online streaming.

I'm sitting at my desk working on stuff when I hear the mention of Pitzer College on the show. I was shocked as this is a small college that doesn't get much attention. It turns out one of the students started a club called the "Masculinist Coalition". Needless to say, dickery and bickering ensued on campus.

You can listen to the whole segment here and here.

I wrote an email during the segment and Bean read it when they came back from break, right before going to calls. The segment as a whole brings up a lot of good points and Phoebe from the Feminist Coalition pretty much gets pw3nd on air which only adds to the entertainment.

There's a digg post here for those of you who have accounts.

I think with this and some recent CCG forum features, I'm down to only 10 or so minutes of Internet fame. I better make the best of it...time to start a side project!

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