Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekend Update 5/16/08 - 5/18/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


A throughly boring but necessary day. I spent the evening after work reading more of my AJAX book and then went home for dinner. I spent some time at Almansor...there was a disgusting number of bugs at the driving range. I had no idea it got like that at night. I think it's just like that at the beginning of summer, but I guess we'll see.

I managed to get in some The World Ends With You before going to bed.


I'm not going to lie, I stayed indoors for most of the day because it was hot outside and I felt lazy.

I watched a bunch of episodes of Yama Onna Kabe Onna. I'm going to finish this series just so I can say I watched a more female-appealing J-Drama. Yeah the whole emphasis on breast size is a gimmick/hook but hey, it works for me. (I guess that's all it takes to watch a more female targeted show...I bet Gossip Girl and other such shows use this strategy.) The show is janky but at the same level of a show like Sushi Oji and I watched all 8 episodes of that. (I'm looking forward to the movie.)

The evening saw me watching Raiders of the Lost Arc . (My plan is to watch all 3 of the films before Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comes out.) This movies rules and is by far my favorite Indiana Jones film. It has so many great lines and the best characters (Marion, Belloc) of the film franchise.

I had dinner at Kam Hong Garden, it wasn't bad. I always enjoy hand made noodles and they have different types, I'll have to come back here and try some more dishes.

The night ended with my friends and me going to the UCLA Recent Grad Party. I had fun and won a plastic water bottle. Some of us also went to karaoke at White Karaoke in K-town afterwards. It was noisy and I'm somewhat disturbed by the songs one of my friends apparently knows. O_o


The day started with a golf lesson at Golftec. Afterwards, I spent some more time at Almansor. I wish I could say I feel my confidence increasing with practice but I don't think it's happening.

I did some grocery shopping and made lunch (sandwiches) for the week. I watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom before going to bed. The film really is racist but I do love me some Short Round, too bad Willie is such a bitch. She really ruins this film.


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