Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekend Update 6/14/08 - 6/16/08

(In an effort to increase the regular content on this blog and in order to figure out just what I do with my life, I've decided to start keeping records of my activities on the weekends. This is sure to be more boring than a Physics/English lecture for the three of you reading this blog, so feel free to skip this entry. These are mainly for me.)


This was an interesting day. I played in a charity golf tournament at Upland Hills Country Club. I played pretty mediocrely but at least I did not embarrass myself. The tournament was best ball so my putting helped.

The tournament was expensive but I got a lot of interesting freebies including a golf multi-tool and some shirts. I also got some balls and coupons for local business. It was all to support the Rancho Cucamonga High School Football team so it was a good cause. I like how they threw in a buffet dinner.

The tournament started at like 1PM and I got home around 8 PM. I did my laundry and went to bed.


I had lunch at Langer's Deli. I enjoyed their cream soda and matzah ball soup.

Afterwards, I went to the ImaginAsian Theater to catch a screening of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I've been wanting to see this film for a while because it has time travel. I was not disappointed. The film was a typical sci-fi story but done in an interesting anime style. I think the film has a somewhat jank twist but it's to be expected in a time-travel story.

I went to dinner with my family who was in town for my sister's graduation. We went to Au Lac in Fountain Valley. It's a vegetarian restaurant. I enjoyed it but I always enjoy vegetarian food. I'm sure my sister wasn't as thrilled but whatever.


This was the big day for my sister. I attended her graduation at UCI. It was shorter than my UCLA graduation but then again there are fewer students for her school and department.

I had dinner at Happy Family in Rowland Heights. I always enjoy eating here because I like Asian vegetarian food. It might not be that healthy due to all the carbs/starch, but it's still delicious!


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