Friday, July 11, 2008

Anime Expo Part 1: Thursday July 3rd

(I've replaced my normal weekend update with this report on Anime Expo. It's broken into four parts because of its length.)


This was the first day of the con. I enjoyed the fact that the venue this year was the Los Angeles Convention Center. The place was definitely spacious enough to accommodate everyone and never felt crowded. I suppose one downside to this is that it seemed there weren't that many people cosplaying though that is probably not the case. It was just that attendees were more spread out. Also, ticketed seating made event seating easy; no more queuing for HOURS just to get a ticket!

After picking up my pass in a record 5 minutes, I spent some time in the exhibit hall wandering around but not buying anything. I found Alteil, which is an online CCG. It's definitely an interesting concept and the game is popular in Japan so who knows, maybe it can gain some traction here. The underlying system seems simple yet complex enough to be fun.

We had dinner at The Pantry and I made the mistake of not ordering breakfast yet again. (When will I ever learn?) The less said about this meal the better.

Thursday's main evening event was the Anime Music Video contest. The videos this year were a good mix, there wasn't too much Lucky Star or Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I enjoyed the Gurren Lagan video with Be a Man from Mulan even if it belonged in the comedy category rather than the action one.

You can view a list of the winners here. My votes matched up with all the winners save for the drama (I'm not a James Blunt fan) and comedy categories. I threw my vote away on a Gundam 0083 comedy video, but whatever I enjoyed it and felt it was original. I love it when people take a non-comedic series like Gundam 0083 or Berserk and turn it into a comedy video. Of course this Haruhi video won the comedy category as well as Best Of Show, which is par for the course. (I can think of only 1-2 times where the Best Of Show was NOT from the comedy category.)

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