Sunday, July 13, 2008

Anime Expo Part 2: Friday July 4th

(I've replaced my normal weekend update with this report on Anime Expo. It's broken into four parts because of its length.)


Friday was a nice and relaxed day. I got up early to get in line for David Hayter's panel. It was hilarious and worth the time. He talked a bit about his various voice acting roles through mainly it was a Metal Gear Solid panel. I liked his comment about how in his youth he wanted to be an A-list movie star but as he's grown older he's now content to be a screenwriter and voice actor.

The panel was followed by me lining up for 2 hours to try and get David Hayter's autograph. I didn't make it. (Apparently David Hayter is super popular, who knew?) Thought I got pwn3d, I did manage to take a picture with him. He was nice/kind enough to walk down the line and shake everyone's hand and pose for pictures. I appreciated that.

I spent the next few hours wandering around and spending more time on the exhibit hall floor. I enjoyed playing the Soul Calibur IV demo at BandaiNamco's booth even if there were only 3 playable characters (Mitsurugi, Siegfried, and Hilde).

I finally got to work a shift at the booth that hires con attendees to work retail for $10/hour in credit. I've never worked retail before in my life (spoiled I know) and let me just say I'm fairly terrible at it. From restocking to figuring out what went where and doing basic arithmetic, I was totally mediocre as an employee. The experience was humbling but I totally built character. I ended up using my store credit to purchase Dan-Doh!! because I have a hunch that the series isn't going to be reprinted anytime soon and will be hard to find.

Friday evening saw us eating at Harbor Cafe, the cafe that replaced Regent Cafe. It's pretty much the same place but the menu isn't as extensive...but I think the quality of each individual dish has gone up.

After dinner my group saw WALL-E. This film RULES. It really is an awesome love story; the fact that the romance is between two robots is irrelevant. The movie had a great mix of emotion/drama and humor. I also liked the fact that it wasn't overly preachy. Pixar rules...I even liked the short before the film. So much magical dickery!

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