Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekend Update 8/22/08 - 08/24/08


I spent the evening at the Alhambra driving range. I really sucked it up. Who would have thought that not swinging a golf club for a couple of months would make you suck? What a twist indeed.


I started off the day with a round at Azusa Greens Country Club. I shot 110 which is really terrible for me but I guess I should be happy since I hadn't played in months.

The evening saw me eating dinner at Shakas. (Cuban Bistro was super busy and packed so we didn't have enough time to eat there...but I made a note for next time.) I've eaten at Shakas before so I knew what to expect. It was also super busy, Methinks I need to avoid downtown Alhambra while the Summer Jubilee is still going on.

After dinner I saw Pineapple Express. This move is hilarious even if you are not stoned. I enjoyed all the 80s injokes and how the last 20 minutes is basically every 80s action film ever distilled into 2-3 sequences.

The night wrapped up with my friends and me watching Team USA win the gold medal against Spain. My favorite part was when Kobe taunted all the opposing fans after a 3 pointer where he was fouled. He made the "quiet" gesture with his finger in front of his mouth. He would go on to make it a 4 point play. So much dickery.


I got in a much needed lesson at GolfTec. Masa came by and we played SoulCalibur IV a bit. We then ate out at a Mama's Lu, which is a dumpling place. It was decent and I'd probably go back to try different dumplings. I will say it was definitely cheap.

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Masa said...

And you get to watch Korean TV at Mama's Lu!