Friday, September 10, 2010

Presenting: Asian Ken!

Check out my little blurb about Asian Ken over at Mediocre Minds!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The KB Life + Anime Expo 2010

If you haven't noticed, The KB Life (of which I am one half of) has been putting out lots of Anime Expo 2010 content on our YouTube channel.

Monday, June 14, 2010

White Men Can't Jump: Remix Bloopers

This is a blooper reel I made while editing an Intro to Video assignment. (More on that later this week.)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Honor and Glory

Ok so everyone (or everyone who is "janky cool") knows about Undefeatble for the janktastic fight scene at the end of the film.
Not many people know about Honor and Glory though, which while not as good as Undefeatble is still decent for various (janky)reasons....

The rest of the parts are also on YouTube:


  • Nonsensical, hard to follow plot? CHECK!
  • Numerous (visual) continuity errors? CHECK!
  • The villains name is JASON SLADE. Man. He's like Gordon Gecko + bad ass martial artist.
  • Black guy is JAKE ARMSTRONG. This is a guy I would hire to be my bodyguard. (He also looks like a young Eddie Murphy if he was trapped in terrible Hong Kong produced US kung fu movies.)
  • Pretty much the exact cast from Undefeatable but in different roles? (I think they reused some of the music too!)
  • Caucasians speaking as much Cantonese as I know! Too good.
  • Robin Shou / Liu Kang / Gen!
  • Asian guy getting screwed by a black man when it comes to a white woman? So much truth.


  • "Ah the glamorous life of an FBI."
  • "Come on in we'll have a party."
  • "Do you know an atomic trigger from a Bulgarian dildo? Because I don't."
  • "Y'all have a bad day."
  • "TAPE."
  • "About 20 Japanese guys jumped me."
  • "Don't worry Mr. GQ, your hair's still in place."
  • "Only DEATH can retire Jason Slade!"

Things I learned from this movie?

  • Being thrown into boxes will kill you. Like instantly. It's like touching lava or something.
  • The way to a girl's heart is to stalk her and then have a chopsticks duel with her over food.
  • Old 80s arcade machines are explosive, so don't use guns in a warehouse full of them.
  • To be a bad ass villain in the 90s you need to slick your hair back and put out cigars with your hands.
  • The ability to bend coins is a great taunt! (See Elektra for another example of how coin manipulation is awesome.)

Also one of the Asians totally looks like my college buddy (and mediocreminds 1.0 founder) Vincent!
Finally this movie has one of the most anti-climatic endings I've ever see. But I guess we all learn a valuable lesson and that's what is important!
It's so weird to see HK movies set in America featuring Caucasians and Asians. Sort of sad we don't really have films like this anymore, seems things are more segregated now though I guess you can argue these are exploitative films.
I also like the HK action film movie trope where anyone who is anybody knows martial arts and people can fight in broad daylight in public areas and no one gives a f**k. AMERICA (as seen through HK eyes!)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods: Apology Fail

I thought Tiger Wood's apology was terrible from a media/recovery standpoint and while professional (as expected from him) had numerous weak points:

  • Way too long: This is going to lead to butchering when it's cut down for media/audio bites
  • Total lack of emotion will turn most people off. Even Kobe "fake cried" when he apologized.
  • Too much talk about recovery / addiction / therapy...comes across as elitist (therapy is $$$ yo).
  • Mentioning Buddhism and not Christianity. (Do you even what country this is Tiger?!) Christianity offers way more forgiveness too IMO.
  • Way too much mention of his sponsors. This just reminds the cynical among us it's about the $$$.

Some neutral to good things:

  • Asking for his wife & kids to be left out of it is good, most people like.
  • Directly apologizing to families and kids, most people like that.
  • Plugging his charities is probably a neutral because cynical people will again point out it's about the $$$.

In short, I am no longer convinced he can make a Kobe-style comeback. Though it is golf so I think the environment is different (criminal and immoral behavior in the the NBA?! What a twist!).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

KB Life Ep 07

Yes we finally have a new episode out. Come see what we're looking forward to in 2010.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Netflix Streaming: Jank (and not Jank) Action Films

I recently discovered Netflix is pretty awesome though the temptation to veg out in front of my 360 is now huge.

My favorite about Netflix streaming is being able to watch janktastic action films. Right now the following are available and I highly recommend them:

  • 48 Hours (Remember when Eddie Murphay was awesome?)
  • Air Force One ("Get off my plane!" The Pres as an action hero is too good)
  • American Ninja (classic jank that spawned what, 4 sequels?)
  • Bad Boys (One of Michael Bay's most underrated movies.)
  • Broken Arrow (so bad it's good)
  • Cliffhanger (John Lithgow as a villain is too hilarious to me.)
  • Conan the Destroyer (Governator in an honestly terrible movie.)
  • Desperado (this is like the popular version of El Mariachi, more action, less style)
  • Executive Decision (Steven Segal's best role ever?)
  • Heat (this is a must watch film if you live in LA)
  • Never Back Down (A new classic, this film is so ridiculous in how over the top it is.)
  • The Rock (Probably my favorite Michael Bay film) Speed (Classic Keanu and probably the beginning of the over-the-top 90s films)
  • Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Kevin Costner as Robin Hood is lol, it makes me wonder about the upcoming Russel Crowe version)
  • Sniper (the "legit" film before 2 jank sequels)
  • Universal Solider II (this one has Van Damme and Dolph Lundren together again there's apparently a 3rd film too lol)

I am thinking of starting "Binkley's Virtual Jank Action Film Nights" on Xbox Live so if you are interested message me on Twitter or email me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 in Films

As I do every year, here is a quick look back at the films I saw in 2009:

High: 9.0 (Slumdog Millionaire, Star Trek, Up, Zombieland)
Low: 4.5 (Dragonball Evolution)
Average: 7.09

So I watched a total of 41 movies and the average feels about right to me. That is slightly less than last year but the average is slightly higher than that year. I've certainly come a long way since 2007.