Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods: Apology Fail

I thought Tiger Wood's apology was terrible from a media/recovery standpoint and while professional (as expected from him) had numerous weak points:

  • Way too long: This is going to lead to butchering when it's cut down for media/audio bites
  • Total lack of emotion will turn most people off. Even Kobe "fake cried" when he apologized.
  • Too much talk about recovery / addiction / therapy...comes across as elitist (therapy is $$$ yo).
  • Mentioning Buddhism and not Christianity. (Do you even what country this is Tiger?!) Christianity offers way more forgiveness too IMO.
  • Way too much mention of his sponsors. This just reminds the cynical among us it's about the $$$.

Some neutral to good things:

  • Asking for his wife & kids to be left out of it is good, most people like.
  • Directly apologizing to families and kids, most people like that.
  • Plugging his charities is probably a neutral because cynical people will again point out it's about the $$$.

In short, I am no longer convinced he can make a Kobe-style comeback. Though it is golf so I think the environment is different (criminal and immoral behavior in the the NBA?! What a twist!).

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